Our Approach to Educating Your Child

Children are very special people who are making wonderful discoveries about themselves and their world. Given a safe, caring and accepting environment with an enriching curriculum, children will learn and flourish. Our purpose is to provide an environment that recognizes and respects each child’s unique abilities and learning styles. In addition, we recognize the importance of assisting in the development of the whole child. Therefore, equal consideration is given to the child’s social, emotional, physical, cognitive and creative development, always meeting each child where they are and guiding them as they move forward in their growth and development. We encourage children to think for themselves, express their individuality and develop a high sense of self. At Buonora Centers, we see the individual child as the co-constructor of knowledge and of their learning.  Therefore, we present a child-centered approach where the child’s interests help direct the curriculum. We offer a rich and stimulating environment that allows children to be explorers and interactive learners and facilitates the development of problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and self-confidence. The emphasis is on the creative process for the learner and not the finished product.   We set age appropriate limits and boundaries so that children will have a positive group experience and feel safe, while learning to be friendly and considerate of others’ feelings.  We  refer to the teachings of those insightful child development experts of our past and present, such as Jean PiagetCarl Jung,  Howard Gardner, and Bev Bos, to name a few, and draw upon their wisdom so that we may always be our best for children.