Summer Camp

Children will have opportunities to explore different areas of interest including arts and crafts, table and indoor games, music and movement, literature, poems, creative expressions, dramatic play, singing, dancing, cooking and more. All activities will have variety and be in alignment with the week’s theme, while continuing to stimulate children’s educational objectives.



Week 1           Ocean and Seashore

Activities: Sand Dollar Painting, Colored Sand Bottles, Beach Day

Week 2           Sports

Activities: Water Games, Three Legged Races, Mini Olympic Games

Week 3           Outdoor Adventure

Activities: Solar S’mores, Build Your Own Tent, Binoculars

Week 4           Dinosaurs & Fossils

Activities: Digging for Fossils, Dinosaurs on Ice, Prehistoric Collages

Week 5           The Rainforest

Activities: Rain sticks, Animal Masks, Murals

Week 6           Hawaiian Islands

Actvities: Flower Leis, Tropical Fruit Salad, Seashell Imprints

Week 7           Science & Nature

Activities: Flubber, Make Your Own Playdough, Volcanoes

Week 8           Wild, Wild West

Activities: Wagon Rides, Square Dancing, Roast Marshmallows

Week 9           Pirates & Treasure

Message in a Bottle, Treasure Maps, Scavenger Hunt

Week 10         Circus, Circus

Magic Show, Tightrope Walking, Clown Puppets


Children will have a daily opportunity to swim in our on-site pool.  They will participate in group swim lessons daily and free time swimming with their friends, all under the supervision of a Water & Safety instructor. Aside from being so much fun and providing children with a great way to stay cool, during the summer, swimming is great for children in for so many additional reasons. It provides an excellent opportunity for exercise, which involves cardiovascular activity, enhancing both heart and lung condition. Learning swimming skills will increase children’s strength, endurance, flexibility and balance, in addition to increasing their safety around the swimming pool. According to mental health research, spending time in the water with friends and family, positively impacts children’s mental health.