Toddler Program

TODDLER PROGRAM (18 months – 2 1/2 years)

The toddler years are a time of remarkable growth!  During these remarkable first years children develop emotional security and cognitive processes within the context of their relationships, especially to the caretakers in their lives.  During this time, they develop the ability to discern language, to focus and maintain attention and to persist in their efforts as they learn to work through frustration.  This learning lays the foundation for all future learning.  This period of development is very unique, and we understand that toddlers learn within the context of the relationships and environments provided by the adults in their lives and therefore, our teachers provide warm, loving and safe environment in which they can venture out and explore.

Filled with a plethora of hands-on activities and meaningful experiences, our classrooms provide the arena for an optimum learning environment.  Our teachers take on the role of facilitator and implement activities that address the individual learning needs, interests and cultural backgrounds of the children in their class. On a daily basis, our children are given the opportunity to make choices, problem solve, and learn through discovery and active involvement. Participation in a daily circle time, each child comes to learn that they have a voice and that they are valued as people. Enriching learning centers that include art, literacy, math, blocks and science discovery and such are provided and will ultimately encourage children to develop a life-long love of learning.

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